Structures and Functions: Studies in Russian Linguistics is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing original linguistic and interdisciplinary research in the field of Russian linguistics. We welcome, inter alia, studies that elaborate on questions of the general linguistic theory based on Russian data, works that examine phenomena and processes attested in Russian from a comparative and typological perspectives, as well as articles on actual problems of teaching Russian language. The journal encourages both papers that interpret theoretical problems of Russian linguistics in systemic, cognitive, communicative, functional and structural aspects, and applied research in promising areas of modern linguistic expertise, such as analysis of text and discourse in professional domains, corpus and computer linguistics; lexicography and terminology, sociolinguistics, forensic linguistics, language policy and language planning, reading and writing in the post-Gutenberg era; Russian in the information society. Besides full-length articles, we also welcome reviews of scientific monographs and conference proceedings.

ISSN 2228-2653 (print)

ISSN 2461-3541 (online)

Publishing house Pushkin Institute

Maneezi 7-2, Tallinn 10117, Estonia