Possibilities of learning Russian in Tallinn where live nearly 50% of Russian speaking people.

If you want to learn Russian, the Pushkin Institute can help you with that. We offer courses for the beginners, as well as for the people who already have basic knowledge. The courses are given in a group, as well as in form of private lessons and are held in the downtown of Tallinn.

The Pushkin Institute would be a good choice for learning language as ourteaching personnel are native speakers of Russian, who use contemporary teaching manuals published in Russia.

Also, the Pushkin Institute is one of the few Estonian centers that has the right to conduct tests on Russian as a foreign language and issue TORFL (А1-С2) certificates. The preliminary registration for such tests is needed and the price depends on the level of TORFL test.

You can choose between three learning options: Basic level, Intermediate level and Advanced level. Please note that there are differences in intermediate level when choosing either English or Russian-based courses. More precise description and prices you can find in the table below:

Price of an English-based course (40 ac.hours, does not apply to Private lesson)

Price of a Russian-based course
(40 ac.hours, does not apply to Private lesson)


We will contact you as soon as the group will be formatted.



„To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”.

Chinese proverb


Please register by sending letter on [email protected].

Russian for English Speakers




01.10.–26.10. 2018;

Monday, Wednesday, Friday;


(24 academic hours)


This is the first course for the beginners in Russian, starting from Russian alphabet and reading. The main emphasis of the course is on practical language usage in daily communicative situations, hence, the communicative method is used. The main topics that will be covered are the following: family, seasons, days of the week, months, stationery, numerals from 1 to 1000, food products, vegetables, fruit, animals, professions, clothes, body parts, describing a person – appearance and personality, dishes, leisure time, my day, adjectives.


Teacher: Natalia Chirinskaia

Language of instruction: English

Course fee: 210€


Location: Pushkin Institute, Maneezi 7, Tallinn


Contact: [email protected]