Ваши промокоды могут сгореть заберите http://www.google.com ggf65hgjh

Ваши промокоды могут сгореть заберите www.google.com ggf65hgjh 18131

The institute has been a fantastic source of inspiration. I’d like to pay tribute to Olga, who is without doubt the best Russian teacher I’ve had. I fully recommend studying here!

C. O'R

I wanted to thank you for setting up the tutoring sessions with Dasha last month. They were very helpful and I only wish I had more time to spend there. Thanks again!
Andrea Hardman

Andrea Hardman

This course is very good! The school helped to prepare for the exam and become an international specialist. Thanks!


I wholeheartedly recommend the Pushkin Institute if you are looking to study the Russian language in Tallinn. As an international student from the US, I especially appreciated how knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive the staff were. Whether it was language study with my tutor Dina Tombu or recommendations for how to find opportunities to practice in everyday situations, the Pushkin Institute had it all. I spent just 9 short months in Tallinn, and thanks to the Pushkin Institute I was able to vastly improve my confidence and ability to speak, read, and listen in Russian in that time. If you’re looking for a Russian language tutor or classes and are on the fence about where to go, definitely try the Pushkin Institute!

Lexington, KY, USA
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